En El Publishing Services prides ourselves on providing premium book publishing services for standard prices. From book covers (print & eBook), to typesetting, formatting, and even uploading your files to print and eReaders, En El Publishing Services has you covered. Working with best selling authors to first time novelists, while providing the same high level commitment of service.

We even offer FREE MARKETING ADVICE for 1st time authors and authors looking to broaden the scope of their brand. Teaching them marketing actually begins with the conception of the book, the actual book itself, and NOT the marketing plan that follows.

But before we even talk about the great services we offer, I’d like for you to hear from the authors who’s book projects we have worked on by reading their testimonials. We don’t toot our own horn, we let other satisfied authors do that for us.

En El Publishing Services is an author first book service company where we sit down and assess exactly where each author needs our help at. We don’t look to upsell what we can do for the author, just what the author needs in meeting their book project goals.

The internet is currently suffering from information overload when it comes to book publishing services, making most people that want to write a book, not even attempt the process. And this is where En El Publishing Services clears the muddy waters of some book publishing service companies that charge super inflated prices. Still leaving you, the author, with all the work to do.

So exactly what does  En El Publishing Services do?

Simple. We produce no-nonsense professional looking books inside and out.

Our print book to eBook covers are designed with color schemes in mind to influence the a reader’s  decision to buy (yes, this is possible and yet highly underused).

We format and typeset to have the interior of your book looking just as great as your cover.

You can visit our book publishing services page to learn about our other services as well.

So with all of the above being said, let me ask you just one question. Do you know why so many people want to write a book? The same reason you do of course; because everybody has a  story inside of them. And that story is waiting to be told. So no matter YOUR story that dwells inside of you; don’t let life pass you by without sharing that story.



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