Authors, Always Start Your Book With SELLING In Mind

Authors, You Have To Give A Reader A Reason To Buy Your Book; The Sooner, The Better. That’s Why You Have to Write With Selling In Mind As You Turn Book Browsers Into Instant Book Buyers!

Authors, what are you waiting for?  Or better yet, how long do you plan on waiting? Remember as a kid your parents always said do your best? They never said save your best, try less than your best, or that your best wasn’t necessary. They said ALWAYS do your best. And yes, that’s still true as you have a staring contest between you and the blank page of your book. You have a million plus ideas on how to start your first or fiftieth book, but if you’re not going with the idea of writing with selling in mind, then pick another idea.

So just what is meant by the term of writing with selling in mind? And no, I’m not talking about every sentence on the first page reading ‘Please buy my book.’ But hey, if it works, please let me know by leaving a comment below in the comment section, thanks.

It’s simple really, when I refer to the term of writing with selling in mind; you have to give the readers a reason to buy your book as soon as possible. Not ten pages in, not thirty pages in, or towards the middle of your book. They have to be hooked deep into your story early. So much so that they feel (remember that all buying decisions are emotionally based) they HAVE to buy your book to find out what happens next after such an incredible beginning. See why it’s NOT in your best interest to wait before you give them the good stuff?

Still sitting on the fence about just how important it is to always start writing your book with selling in mind?


Did you know the SECRET SWEET SPOT where readers decide to ACTUALLY buy your book is in a book’s first few pages? Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t it the book’s title, cover, and synopsis that convinces the reader to always buy? If that’s true, why do readers ALWAYS open a book up and read a couple of pages? Because it’s here, in the first few pages of a book where the author DELIVERS on what the title, cover, and synopsis promised the reader.

The title of a book peaks the interest, the cover gives the WOW factor, and the synopsis is the prelude of what the book has to offer. The start of the book is and always will be what turns book browsers into buyers.

Ok, so now you know that a reader’s SECRET SWEET SPOT is where you should always start writing with selling in mind, but how do you leverage this bit of information that could skyrocket your book sells? Well I created a pdf that shows you 3 easy tips that will allow you to do just that and more.

As an author myself I know the struggle of starting off your book just right; building anticipation from the beginning of the story in a way that a reader has to know what happens next. But think of the incredible pressure that comes along with now knowing just how vital the first few pages of your book really is, knowing it’s here where a reader either decides to buy your book or not.

Arghhhhhh, the pressure!

It’s ok though because we know that pressure creates diamonds and I want to help you create a gem of a book. No pressure, no worries. Just a great story that starts off phenomenally. And if there’s still a bit of skepticism on just how important the first few pages of your book are, ask yourself a very obvious question then. Why do eBook distributers like Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, iBooks, etc. offers readers a chance to sample a books first few pages?

Because they have been hinting at the SECRET SWEET SELLING SPOT of readers all along.

So if you’re ready to increase your book sells dramatically just by leveraging the SECRET SWEET SPOT of readers just click on the link below and get your free pdf, How To Hook Readers At The Beginning Of Your Story In 3 Easy Tips.

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No time to write a book? Not even 3 pages a day? Then you don’t wanna write…

When people find out that you’re an author and that you have a few books under your belt, the first thing they say is they always wanted to write a book , but they just don’t have the time. Honestly I hear this more than I care to.

People say that like most authors don’t have the same life issues that every day people who don’t write. Most authors have jobs with time consuming commutes. Families who don’t understand the purpose of a writing cave and the peace it takes to get into a writing zone.


3 pages

If you’re still thinking that there isn’t enough time in the day, I say you just need to manage you’re time better because everyone has the exact same 24 hours in a day. My seconds, minutes , and hours aren’t different or longer than yours. Yet with a full time job that includes a roundtrip commute of an hour and a half, a family that loves me, but refuses to understand the concept that these books don’t write themselves, but yet I still found the time to write two full length books, two eBooks, two informative marketing pdf guides, and a growing blog. I also own and operate En El Publishing and En El Publishing Services.

So what you were saying about not having enough time again?

Before you think I have it all figured out; I DON’T, I’m still figuring it out. But I too, was quick to say I didn’t have the time to write my book, but I had time for my Lakers and I couldn’t miss my Bronco’s. I watched the WWE faithfully, I loved 24 so much that I was contemplating getting a dog just to name him Jack Bauer, and HBO’s The Newsroom had become the real news to me. I had time for everything I wanted to do, but couldn’t make time for what I NEEDED to do. That was until I made me writing my book a need and stopped wanting to write my book. Television Production Concept. Tv Movie Panels

So if you’re serious about getting that book out of you and onto some pages, the first thing you have to do is stop wanting to write your book and start needing to write your book. Need to write your book like you need to earn a living. Need to write your book like you need to eat. Need to write your book like you need to love. And if you’re wondering if it’s that serious, YES, it’s that serious. Because if you don’t take it that serious you will never get it done.

The second thing you need to do if you’re serious about writing your book is the actual writing part. You can want to do something, you can need to do something, but until you ACTUALLY do it, all you have are thoughts of doing it.

And I know you have a busy life and that you are tired at the end of the day. And when you finally get a moment to relax the last thing on your mind is to sit in front of your computer and finally get started writing, but what if I told you that I could help you, help yourself in finding the time not only in getting your book started, but seeing it through until completion?

I don’t want you reading this blog, getting all amped up to write your book without a way of getting it done. So watch the short video below, the message is simple, but if you’re honest with yourself you will see how you really have more than enough time to do what’s important to you.

You see how just by stop using your smart phone for everything else but being productive, you will have more than enough time in finally writing that book you once claimed you didn’t have time for. And now since you have more time in your day here’s the third thing you need to do when it comes to writing your book. WRITE JUST 3 PAGES A DAY!!! No more, no less. If you write 3 pages a day, for 60 days without missing a day, you will have written 180 pages. You will have written a full length book.

So do yourself a much needed favor and stop saying you don’t have time to write a book and do the three things I spoke of in this blog:

  1. Stop wanting to write your book and start NEEDING to write your book (know the difference)
  2. Actually write your book (the word ‘write’ is a verb and we know that most verbs are action words, so take ACTION)
  3. Write 3 pages a day, EVERYDAY (without fail)
 I love hearing from my readers so please feel free to leave me a comment below and let me know what’s stopping you from finally siting down and writing your book. And if you haven’t signed up to follow my blog already just do so at the top right side of the page and feel free to share this blog’s link via social media.