Wanna Know Who Wonder Woman Really Is?

Just what makes your next door John Doe another Superman not named Clark Kent? Or your plain girl Jane just as wonderful as Wonder Woman? Can they really run faster than a speeding bullet, be everywhere at once and no one dies on their watch; or could it be something as simple as never giving up no matter the insurmountable odds that have them placed between a rock and a hard place?

wonder woman


Or could it be looking life in it’s unfair eyes and refusing to blink when looking away would make the pain stop, the hurt go away, and finding peace in the darkness, knowing the darkness brings with it finality. Yeah that’s my definition of a hero; that’s what being Superman or Wonder Woman is all about. It’s being absolutely defeated; yet never losing. Having hope breath it’s last breath and with failing lungs you breathe life back into it. 

We all know someone who is so wonderfully incredible that routinely defies the odds. That their inner light is so bright it allows them to Rise Up & Shine On when quitting would have been more than understood, it would have been expected and called for.

But man, that inner light, that inner light refuses to be snuffed out. It shines so bright that it literally radiates hope, beams overachievement, and winning when winning isn’t even a remote option. Yeah we all know someone like that and if you don’t your life is a little poorer for it.

Why? Because people like that encourages us when we no longer have it in us and we don’t feel like doing it anymore. They push us when defeat has pulled everything the hell out of us. They always pour into us  because of their very own life proves anything is possible. That you don’t have to wait on Hollywood to launch a blockbuster movie to introduce to you what they want you to believe a Superhero should be.

So how do I know exactly who Wonder Woman is?

Great question and here is an even better answer: I know who Wonder Woman truly is because everything I stated above that makes her a hero’s hero she wants to share with as many women as she possibly can. She wants to stand before you totally transparent and inspire every pretty little girl with sad eyes, every young lady who’s much older than her age because life’s harsh lessons was forced upon her, and women blinded by their past who refuses to see a bright future is just on the horizon for them.

And for the record for those of you still believing her name is Princess Dianna hailing from some mythical land known as Themyscira; no, her real name is Leann Rhodes and on July 4th she will be releasing her book Rise Up, Shine On: She needed a Hero, So That’s What She Became.

Wonder Woman

Leann is the latest client of En El Publishing Services and we are honored that she chose our publishing service company to help with her PHENOMENAL BOOK project. No fluff or hype is needed; Leann’s story is one of triumph, victory, and never ending inspiration.

And if I failed to sum up the feeling I got after having the pleasure of reading a few of Leann’s chapters; a think a couple of lines from Nickleback’s song ‘Hero’ can’t say it any better…

I am so high, I can hear heaven
I am so high, I can hear heaven
Whoa, but heaven, no, heaven don’t hear me

And they say that a hero could save us
I’m not gonna stand here and wait
I’ll hold on to the wings of the eagles
Watch as we all fly away