Old Skool Marketing 101-rules

Authors what if I told you that you could look to the past for one of the best marketing strategies that you could implement and not go broke? Yeah I know social media with all its bells and whistles has you spoiled. Having you believe that new is always better, but believe it or not, flyers, yes I said flyers, is one of the most cost efficient and effective strategies that you can use TODAY ( and yes, I’m aware that it’s the year 2016).

Before we get into how the use of flyers could literally have your book business flying high, lets look at this really informative video by Carmen Sognonvi as to what actually goes into an eye catching flyer.

Seems doable enough right? Even if you’re not comfortable with graphic design or the technical aspects, no worries. I have a FREE 5 Point Checklist that you can download that will get you the results you want when you create your flyers.

So get comfortable as Old Skool Marketing 101 is in session and while you’re at it stop scratching your head as you keep repeating ‘flyers’  to yourself in disbelief, I’m going to need you to trust me on this one.

And if you’re asking ‘if flyers were so effective’ then why have their use been on a steady decline for the past two plus decades? Well that thing called the internet and Online Marketing came along with the promise of ease that lead to the decline of more than just using flyers to market your business. Yes everyone is online, but it’s only a small percentage of your market strategies that reach your target market organically.

old skool marketing

So authors when I tell you that if you want to breathe life back into your marketing strategies when it comes to your books then flyers are a sure way to go and here’s how:

An author who’s done their homework, usually knows their target market already (and if you don’t you need to). What they look like, what they like to do, where they shop, where they live, what they like to do for fun, etc. (the more you know about the audience your writing for, the deeper the connection you will have with them).

And the really huge kicker is the same places that your target audience frequents are usually the same places that you frequent, which makes it even easier to implement this strategy. So as an author why would you waste all of this knowledge and NOT put it to practical use?

Let me answer that for you, it’s hard to walk up to a complete stranger and face rejection. They say no, I’m not interested, I don’t read, or they just take your flyer and quickly deposit it in the first trash can they come across. Yes, this will happen, but you have to liken this to you posting content that gets no likes, no shares and no comments. The difference is you don’t take it personal because you feel safe in the comforts of your home and behind your keyboard.

And a quick reminder here, these people ARE NOT strangers, they are your target market so you know them, but I understand engaging with people for the first time can be a little intimidating. It’s ok, I can help you with that with a very short script to make talking to people easier than you could imagine.

“Hello I’m Author ____________________________ (fill in your name) and I just released my book ____________________________ (book title goes here) and I would love your support. Thank you so much.”

You say this as you make direct eye contact and a warm smile (shows genuine confidence) as you hand your flyer to them. Without thinking, your potential reader will accept the flyer you’re handing them and return your smile in the process.

Sometimes they will ask you what your book is about and where can they purchase it  (and of course all that information is on the flyer, but you still answer them and never tell them to look on the flyer).

And what if after asking what your book is about they say that they don’t read those kinds of books, politely looking to decline your offer (being an erotic author I have heard this objection countless times).

With your smile still intact, you simply ask them that if they happen to come across a friend or relative that would love reading that type of book, could they be so kind and pass your flyer along. And without a second thought and a warm smile returned to you they take your flyer.

Old Skool Marketin

Simple right? Of course it is.

But why stop there? When a reader is really interested in your book they will say I will check it out (the door of engagement opens wider). I immediately say great and thanks. That I would love to hear their feedback and could I send them a friend request on Facebook (you ask this with phone in hand and Facebook app open).

You wouldn’t believe how receptive they are to this as they give you their Facebook information.

Now did you see what you just accomplished with a simple flyer? You effectively marketed your book and organically added a new Facebook friend. Now who says that Old Skool Marketing don’t rule? Tell ’em to kick rocks.

But seriously though, flyers used strategically really extends your author brand, making you more accessible to readers. And a great way in doing that is partnering with brick and motor businesses.

Do you know what having your book flyers in an actual brick and mortar store would do for your author brand? Instant credibility that’s what.

Put that happy confident smile back on your face and go talk to some businesses that you think would be ideal to partner with. You’d be surprised at how many businesses would love to have your presence in their store. Especially if you frequent there as a customer.

Depending on your genre of book here are a few stores that you should consider partnering with:

  • Romance Author/ Flower Shops
  • Sci-Fi or Paranormal Author/ Comic Book Store (or costume store especially if its around Halloween time)
  • Urban (Street) Author/ Barber Shops & Hair Salons
  • Spiritual/ Church Bulletin Boards or Church Book Stores (if they have them)
  • Erotic Author/ Adult Toy Stores & Shops

I’m sure you can think of some more partnerships that will really increase your visibility as an author. I just wanted to give you a few to get those creative juices flowing as to the many possibilities you have at your disposal when you are using Old Skool Marketing.

Now if you have been following my blog for a while you know that using flyers is a great example of Marketing Partnerships For Authors; one of my main principals to building your author brand on.

I know this blog has kinda been on the long side, but I believe that I packed it with some pretty valuable take-aways that should and will give you the results you’re looking for as an author.

I don’t want you to read this and think that I’m anti social media when it comes to marketing. No, not in the least. But the smart and informed authors know that Facebook seems to be constantly changing their algorithms which affects the way your posts are received by the people on your friends list.

With this blog I hoped I showed you that you DON’T have to wait and ride out the ever changing tide of social media. You can actually get out and build your presence, sell books, and establish great working business relationships. All with good ol’ flyers and smart Old Skool Marketing.


This really works if you have a FREE SHORT STORY in a downloadable pdf format to give to your target market… (if you don’t know how to create one we’d love to help, just CLICK HERE)

Pass out flyers with your link to your freebie at bus stations, train stations, airports, public transportation, anywhere you can think of where a person will be traveling for an extended period of time.


Because after a while even social media gets BORING and your freebie can be the perfect escape. And if you are stuck on engaging your target market in this type of setting, no worries. I provided a simple, but effective script to follow…

Hello I’m Author______________________________________ (fill in your name) and it looks like you are about to do a little traveling. Well I have something for you during your ride. It’s my FREE eBook ________________________________________ (title of your book goes here) that you can download to your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Yep, that simple!

And if you’re thinking how GIVING AWAY a free eBook helps you as an author this is how. Your eBook (if properly connected) is attached to an email service provider which will capture that persons email that will allow you to market your paid books directly to them WITHOUT social media.

A direct connection between you and your reader… WOW!

Like I said old skool marketing rocks and using flyers the right way is highly effective.

My only question to you is what are you waiting on to get started?