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Looking for professional book publishing services that won’t do a disservice to your wallet? Well En El Publishing prides it’s self on giving self published authors top notch quality.

eBook Cover $95 & Full Book Cover $225: A book cover sole purpose is to standout, be noticed, and have the reader wanting to know what’s inside. The design team at En El Publishing will skillfully craft a cover in perfect unison with your story, further enhancing the reader’s experience. Sample book covers are available upon request. Typical Turn around time 48 hrs. for a full book cover and 24 hrs. for an eBook cover.

Formatting $85: If a book is poorly formatted chances are it’s hard to read; and if it’s hard to read, chances are that it won’t be read at all. Don’t have all your hard work of writing go to waste when you can let En El Publishing properly format your book so it’s read with ease. Typical turn around time 24 hrs.

Typesetting $125: Like formatting, a poorly typeset book will discourage the reader from finishing what could be a great read. So make sure you make sure that not only is your book beautiful on the outside, but the inside as well. Typical turn around time 24hrs.

Uploading to Nook or Kindle $40, to Smashwords $50: No need to be fearful again when attempting to upload your book to Kindle, Nook, or Smashwords. En El Publishing Services makes sure your book is properly uploaded for maximum exposure. Typical turn around time 24 hrs.

Flyers $50 for a one side $75 for double side: What’s the most cost effective thing an author can market their books with? Flyers of course. A well designed, thought provoking flyer with the right call to action will prompt engagement by a potential reader more times than not. And the best thing about a flyer when properly used is that gets passed around a bit once placed in the hands of your targeted market.

eBook cover design, Full book cover design, formatting, typesetting, with uploading to Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords costs $525… YOUR PRICE $497

____________________OR BEST OFFER____________________

Or just ask for our all inclusive package where you get full and e-book cover design, formatting, flyer design (both sides) typesetting, with uploading to Kindle, Nook and Smashwords, along with your ISBN number, price barcode, and universal social media branding all for $787

What ever your book publishing needs are just email and your email will be answered in 24 hrs… Or simply just call us at 202-705-5243.


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