Authors, Always Start Your Book With SELLING In Mind

Authors, You Have To Give A Reader A Reason To Buy Your Book; The Sooner, The Better. That’s Why You Have to Write With Selling In Mind As You Turn Book Browsers Into Instant Book Buyers!

Authors, what are you waiting for?  Or better yet, how long do you plan on waiting? Remember as a kid your parents always said do your best? They never said save your best, try less than your best, or that your best wasn’t necessary. They said ALWAYS do your best. And yes, that’s still true as you have a staring contest between you and the blank page of your book. You have a million plus ideas on how to start your first or fiftieth book, but if you’re not going with the idea of writing with selling in mind, then pick another idea.

So just what is meant by the term of writing with selling in mind? And no, I’m not talking about every sentence on the first page reading ‘Please buy my book.’ But hey, if it works, please let me know by leaving a comment below in the comment section, thanks.

It’s simple really, when I refer to the term of writing with selling in mind; you have to give the readers a reason to buy your book as soon as possible. Not ten pages in, not thirty pages in, or towards the middle of your book. They have to be hooked deep into your story early. So much so that they feel (remember that all buying decisions are emotionally based) they HAVE to buy your book to find out what happens next after such an incredible beginning. See why it’s NOT in your best interest to wait before you give them the good stuff?

Still sitting on the fence about just how important it is to always start writing your book with selling in mind?


Did you know the SECRET SWEET SPOT where readers decide to ACTUALLY buy your book is in a book’s first few pages? Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t it the book’s title, cover, and synopsis that convinces the reader to always buy? If that’s true, why do readers ALWAYS open a book up and read a couple of pages? Because it’s here, in the first few pages of a book where the author DELIVERS on what the title, cover, and synopsis promised the reader.

The title of a book peaks the interest, the cover gives the WOW factor, and the synopsis is the prelude of what the book has to offer. The start of the book is and always will be what turns book browsers into buyers.

Ok, so now you know that a reader’s SECRET SWEET SPOT is where you should always start writing with selling in mind, but how do you leverage this bit of information that could skyrocket your book sells? Well I created a pdf that shows you 3 easy tips that will allow you to do just that and more.

As an author myself I know the struggle of starting off your book just right; building anticipation from the beginning of the story in a way that a reader has to know what happens next. But think of the incredible pressure that comes along with now knowing just how vital the first few pages of your book really is, knowing it’s here where a reader either decides to buy your book or not.

Arghhhhhh, the pressure!

It’s ok though because we know that pressure creates diamonds and I want to help you create a gem of a book. No pressure, no worries. Just a great story that starts off phenomenally. And if there’s still a bit of skepticism on just how important the first few pages of your book are, ask yourself a very obvious question then. Why do eBook distributers like Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, iBooks, etc. offers readers a chance to sample a books first few pages?

Because they have been hinting at the SECRET SWEET SELLING SPOT of readers all along.

So if you’re ready to increase your book sells dramatically just by leveraging the SECRET SWEET SPOT of readers just click on the link below and get your free pdf, How To Hook Readers At The Beginning Of Your Story In 3 Easy Tips.

And before you go could you do me just two small favors? First, if you found this blog helpful could you leave your comments below in the comment section and second, feel free to share this across social media as no author’s journey is meant to be traveled alone.


Authors, Learn How To Triple Your Foot Traffic At Any Book Signing Event

Increasing your foot traffic has just gotten super easy. Now you can own any book signing event even when you’re NOT the featured author!

Yep, it’s that time of year again. Spring is just starting to give way to summer and with it comes a book signing or two, a couple of book festivals, quite a few book events and more book tours than you can count. All with readers looking forward to meeting their favorite authors and possibly new ones, it’s truly a great time of year to be an author.

Most author’s love a good book signing, they get to interact with the people who they wrote their book for, see fellow authors, and overall have a great time in the process. Unfortunately other authors dread anything remotely close to having a table at a book event. They claim a host of reasons why, but it always comes down to one major thing… they get LITTLE TO NO FOOT TRAFFIC!

Honestly it’s embarrassing to know who is exactly coming out to see you. And it’s always the usual suspects; family (those who can make it), friends (those who remembered), and coworkers (those who can’t wait to hate and talk bad about you at work on Monday). So in order to avoid it all, you don’t even bother attending not one single event, but yet you still have hopes of being a successful author. Sorry to be the barer of bad news, but news flash, EVERY successful author has attended more than their fair share of book signing events and now it’s time for you too.

And you know what they say right? If you fail to plan, then you can plan on failing. This thinking alone is what separates the super successful authors from those who’s just standing behind a table full of books, upset and trying not to show it with a forced smile.

Ok, ok, ok. No more worrying about foot traffic or lack there of, so please keep reading because I have you more than covered to generate as much foot traffic as you can handle. Now let’s go over a list of things that will at the least (yes, I did say least) triple your foot traffic at any book signing event:

book signing

Positioning: People who host book events for multiple authors usually have an early bird special when you get your table early for a discounted price. But their is a BIGGER (and way better) benefit than saving a few dollars when you get your table early; it’s called positioning. You want your table next to whomever the featured author is going to be. Depending just who the featured author is, will most times pull readers out of the wood work. Think Harper Hill, Brian W. Smith, Trice Hickman, Walter Mosley, and Reshonda Tate Billingsley to just name a few.

If you’re fortunate to have your table next to theirs do yourself a huge favor, don’t be nervous because they sit their butts in a chair to write their books just like you and it’s expected for you to benefit from their foot traffic. It’s the reason they’re the featured author (the draw) of the event. Just be respectfully professional and you’ll be fine.

And what if a book event doesn’t have a featured author of this magnitude? It’s ok, keep reading…

Get The Word Out Via Social Media: Drive readers via social media. Get the message out early and often. What authors usually do is post maybe two days before the event and think they have done more than enough marketing. Ah, no. You really need to be strategic about getting the word out (starting about two weeks from the event) and even consider running a few ads as well (do a little, ok do a lot of research before running ads). Now before you start thinking that’s not in your budget, you probably spend more on Starbucks and eating out for lunch every day than you would on a cost effective ad. You want success it comes with a bit of sacrifice, your call.

Of course you wouldn’t run any ad free or otherwise to the event alone, it would be towards to you (using your picture) and your location would be the event. And stop thinking that it’s the hosts job to market their event, you’re right it is, but it’s YOUR job to market YOURSELF and drive foot traffic directly to you.

Visiting Your Targeted Readers: Your readers like to eat, shop, hang out and believe it or not, socialize outside of social media. Why not go be social too? And no better time to be social is a few days before your book signing event. Let them know you’re having an event and would love for them to come out. Pass out as many flyers as you can and have a few books on hand for those who can’t make it, but would like to buy a book right at that moment. Now this only works if authors know EXACTLY who their target readers are (the number one reason authors don’t sell many books is failure to properly identify who their target market (reader) is. If you know who your readers are then you will know their likes and what they like to do. Trust me when I tell you that Nike knows exactly who their target market is for every style of shoe they have and where to find them at.

Unique Table Set Up: Ok here’s where you really need to stand out at.  The usual author table set up consists of books, flyers, maybe flowers, and definitely candy. Some go as far as having huge standing banners next to their tables (that’s a great way to stand out by the way). Your job is to do this, but do it better or not do it at all. Let’s go with doing it not at all. Meaning do something so different that people can’t help but stop past your table. One great and easy trick to really stand out is doing something as simple as emitting good energy. Yep, good ol’ positivity wins every time. You can stand out more just by smiling, complimenting women on their hair and men on their shoes, asking them things that can segue back to your books, etc.

Whatever you decide to do to stand out when making your table unique, the one thing you CAN’T do is half ass it. It’s either full ass or no ass at all. People can sense when you aren’t genuine in your efforts to be different, so to stay true to you, just be who ever you are and amplify it by 100%. A close mouth never gets fed and it never sells books either.

book signing

Book Clubs: Use Facebook to locate and contact 15 to 20 book clubs that’s in the area of your book signing event and invite them all. Yep, every single one. Odds are all will not be able to attend, but for those who do, give them a FREE copy of your book as incentive to come out. And I already know what you’re thinking, give my book away? YES! First off to have a book club consider your book for the book of the month for their book club you’ll have to send one to them free anyway right? So look at it as saving postage and handling.

A great way to look at this economically is that if every book club representative that comes out averages at least seven club members excluding the one member you gave a free copy of your book to that’s seven potential sells to be made when your book is accepted as the book of the month for that book club. It also means 7 additional reviews on Amazon (or more sells and reviews depending if more than one book club picks your book to be the featured book of the month). See it’s not free, it’s all promotion that will lead to future sells and reviews at a later date.

book signing

Coupons, Discounts, & Freebies: If I could see your face now, frowning all up at the thought of giving or discounting all of your hard work away, but trust me it’s absolutely the last thing you are doing. Let’s look at this through the lens of marketing shall we? What you’re actually doing is setting yourself up to grow your readership, using incentives now, and converting readers into paying customers a very short while later. And out of all of the tactics to drive people to your author table, this by far is my favorite. Why? First off because it’s proven every day in all walks of life. Second it’s because many authors lose out by not adapting this concept into driving foot traffic to their tables.

Stores always use BOGO (buy one get one free), buy one get another for 50% off, etc. Some authors do this to a degree, but not to it’s full effectiveness. The more books you have, the more combinations you can entice your readers with. This marketing tactic is a little challenging to do if you have only written one book, but will still work if you have at least one physical book and novella compiled into a downloadable pdf (click the link for an example of a few short stories compiled into a downloadable pdf). The true beauty of making your readers free book a downloadable pdf in the buy one get one free offer is that if it’s set up to capture the readers email address via an email service provider then you are REALLY maximizing your book signing event.

We’ll talk about why gathering email addresses is so important in a bit, but lets use an example of how this free and discounted stuff will make attendees of the book event seek your table out. If you have kids (that’s of age of course) or an assistant, what you would is have them do position themselves at the book events entrance and hand out a coupons/flyers for your books that’s only redeemable that day. The coupons doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just who you are, the title of your books, and the deal you’re offering. Make sure that you have a sign on your table reflecting the same coupon so they know they’ve found you. Two things from using this marketing tactic will drive foot traffic your way; they don’t want to miss out on a deal (I mean who does right?) and plain ol’ curiosity. If you don’t do any of the advice in this blog to triple your foot traffic, make sure you do this one thing because it’s a proven winner. TRUST ME!

Authors If Your Only Goal Is To Sell Books At A Book Signing Event… YOU ARE LOSING OUT BIG TIME!!!

book signing

Emails: Earlier I spoke of why emails are so important to get from people who brought books at your event and here’s why: It allows you to continue the relationship you’ve already established long after the event is over. Have another book coming out soon and you need to let as many people know as possible, BINGO, you have an email list for that. Want fans to chime in which cover you should use for your next book as you give them two covers to choose from? Why not email them? You want to share a book excerpt to create anticipation and excitement? Hey I know, use that email list you have. The ONE danger you want to avoid is never try and sell your books to people on your list. Remember, the name of the game is ENGAGEMENT folks (if you don’t know, learn the difference between engaging your audience and selling to them). Engage people with what’s going on with your book and they will feel as though they are part of the process (because you included them in the decision making) so when the time comes for your book’s release date, you have ORGANICALLY BUILT UP ANTICIPATION which ALWAYS results in selling way more books. The two ways to capture a reader’s email address at a book signing event is either capturing it when they download their freebie book (I’m partial to Aweber) or simply having them write their first name only and best email address on a list that’s on your table. Either way, GET THAT EMAIL ADDRESS!

And if you’re thinking I could use social media to do what I’m advising you to do with your email list then please read on my friend…

book signing

Get Social Media Heavy: Social Media is great, but you don’t control it. Shocking I know, but it’s true. And since you aren’t in control, it would not be wise of you to use it as the only vehicle to get your marketing message out to your fans. Even paid ads can be hit or miss (that’s why you do good research before running ads), but at least worth a look. But there are ways to make Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and every Social Media platform that your readers are on work for you.

If you’re super busy (and if you are following my suggestions here you should be), then you may want to have your Social Media savvy teen or assistant give you a helping hand. Every person that stops past your table make sure you add them as a friend, take a picture with them holding their newly purchased book(s), and tag them in the post. Your social media reach will grow as you now start to show up in the news feeds of others (super important, always friend and tag via social media, ALWAYS).

Also throughout the day don’t forget to keep posting about your book signing event and asking others to come on out and join you. Offer some crazy kind of deal for the next 5 people who come out and mentioned they seen the post where you invited them out. The trick is to be consistent and vary your message, but always be enthusiastic when delivering it. Going live on Facebook or Instagram really helps here.

book signing

Networking: Yes you will be super busy and even a little tired, but before you even think about calling it a day make sure that you take the time and work the room. Whether it’s your first book signing event or your fiftieth, go say hello to your fellow authors. If you’re not friends via social media make the connection, take the picture, and tag them. Pick their brains; if you’re ever at a book signing event with Author Brian W. Smith make sure to ask him how does he have such a loyal book club following (when I say book clubs love this guy, love is an understatement, I would say cult-like, but don’t want to offend anyone)? You are there with Omar Tyree, you have to ask how does he stay passionate after writing so many books? Lucky enough to be table to table with Leann Rhodes, make sure to ask how did she sell 400 copies of her book Rise Up, Shine On in little over a month. Remember to socialize with a purpose because iron sharpens iron and you will always be dull by yourself.

Thank You: First off thank YOU for reading this blog, I know it was a tad bit lengthy, but I honestly want you to triple you foot traffic at any book signing event and have a great time doing it. But the person YOU should be thanking is the host of the event. So make sure before you leave to find and thank them for giving you such a great platform to sell your books, grow your email address, and increase your readership and network. Of course you’re going to take a picture with them and tag them on social media. Yes you are thankful for the moment, but no need for the moment not to be beneficial to you!

book signing

Yeah I know this blog was a lot to consume (you can never have too much good information right?), but in all modesty it’s so many actionable take aways in it that you won’t help but to succeed in tripling your foot traffic at any book signing event. Also by friending every person that stops by your table on social media and tagging them in every picture, getting their email address, and networking with your fellow authors will pay huge benefits long after your book signing event is complete. I know this blog is about tripling your foot traffic, but I took it a step further so that you can maximize every opportunity available to you. That’s what having a career as an author is about right? And to make EXTRA sure of it, I’ve provided you with a 10 point FREE downloadable checklist to reference before your next book signing event so you won’t forget anything.

And before you go could you do me just two small favors? First, if you found this blog helpful could you leave your comments below in the comment section and second, feel free to share this across social media as no author’s journey is meant to be traveled alone.

Old Skool Marketing 101-rules

Authors what if I told you that you could look to the past for one of the best marketing strategies that you could implement and not go broke? Yeah I know social media with all its bells and whistles has you spoiled. Having you believe that new is always better, but believe it or not, flyers, yes I said flyers, is one of the most cost efficient and effective strategies that you can use TODAY ( and yes, I’m aware that it’s the year 2016).

Before we get into how the use of flyers could literally have your book business flying high, lets look at this really informative video by Carmen Sognonvi as to what actually goes into an eye catching flyer.

Seems doable enough right? Even if you’re not comfortable with graphic design or the technical aspects, no worries. I have a FREE 5 Point Checklist that you can download that will get you the results you want when you create your flyers.

So get comfortable as Old Skool Marketing 101 is in session and while you’re at it stop scratching your head as you keep repeating ‘flyers’  to yourself in disbelief, I’m going to need you to trust me on this one.

And if you’re asking ‘if flyers were so effective’ then why have their use been on a steady decline for the past two plus decades? Well that thing called the internet and Online Marketing came along with the promise of ease that lead to the decline of more than just using flyers to market your business. Yes everyone is online, but it’s only a small percentage of your market strategies that reach your target market organically.

old skool marketing

So authors when I tell you that if you want to breathe life back into your marketing strategies when it comes to your books then flyers are a sure way to go and here’s how:

An author who’s done their homework, usually knows their target market already (and if you don’t you need to). What they look like, what they like to do, where they shop, where they live, what they like to do for fun, etc. (the more you know about the audience your writing for, the deeper the connection you will have with them).

And the really huge kicker is the same places that your target audience frequents are usually the same places that you frequent, which makes it even easier to implement this strategy. So as an author why would you waste all of this knowledge and NOT put it to practical use?

Let me answer that for you, it’s hard to walk up to a complete stranger and face rejection. They say no, I’m not interested, I don’t read, or they just take your flyer and quickly deposit it in the first trash can they come across. Yes, this will happen, but you have to liken this to you posting content that gets no likes, no shares and no comments. The difference is you don’t take it personal because you feel safe in the comforts of your home and behind your keyboard.

And a quick reminder here, these people ARE NOT strangers, they are your target market so you know them, but I understand engaging with people for the first time can be a little intimidating. It’s ok, I can help you with that with a very short script to make talking to people easier than you could imagine.

“Hello I’m Author ____________________________ (fill in your name) and I just released my book ____________________________ (book title goes here) and I would love your support. Thank you so much.”

You say this as you make direct eye contact and a warm smile (shows genuine confidence) as you hand your flyer to them. Without thinking, your potential reader will accept the flyer you’re handing them and return your smile in the process.

Sometimes they will ask you what your book is about and where can they purchase it  (and of course all that information is on the flyer, but you still answer them and never tell them to look on the flyer).

And what if after asking what your book is about they say that they don’t read those kinds of books, politely looking to decline your offer (being an erotic author I have heard this objection countless times).

With your smile still intact, you simply ask them that if they happen to come across a friend or relative that would love reading that type of book, could they be so kind and pass your flyer along. And without a second thought and a warm smile returned to you they take your flyer.

Old Skool Marketin

Simple right? Of course it is.

But why stop there? When a reader is really interested in your book they will say I will check it out (the door of engagement opens wider). I immediately say great and thanks. That I would love to hear their feedback and could I send them a friend request on Facebook (you ask this with phone in hand and Facebook app open).

You wouldn’t believe how receptive they are to this as they give you their Facebook information.

Now did you see what you just accomplished with a simple flyer? You effectively marketed your book and organically added a new Facebook friend. Now who says that Old Skool Marketing don’t rule? Tell ’em to kick rocks.

But seriously though, flyers used strategically really extends your author brand, making you more accessible to readers. And a great way in doing that is partnering with brick and motor businesses.

Do you know what having your book flyers in an actual brick and mortar store would do for your author brand? Instant credibility that’s what.

Put that happy confident smile back on your face and go talk to some businesses that you think would be ideal to partner with. You’d be surprised at how many businesses would love to have your presence in their store. Especially if you frequent there as a customer.

Depending on your genre of book here are a few stores that you should consider partnering with:

  • Romance Author/ Flower Shops
  • Sci-Fi or Paranormal Author/ Comic Book Store (or costume store especially if its around Halloween time)
  • Urban (Street) Author/ Barber Shops & Hair Salons
  • Spiritual/ Church Bulletin Boards or Church Book Stores (if they have them)
  • Erotic Author/ Adult Toy Stores & Shops

I’m sure you can think of some more partnerships that will really increase your visibility as an author. I just wanted to give you a few to get those creative juices flowing as to the many possibilities you have at your disposal when you are using Old Skool Marketing.

Now if you have been following my blog for a while you know that using flyers is a great example of Marketing Partnerships For Authors; one of my main principals to building your author brand on.

I know this blog has kinda been on the long side, but I believe that I packed it with some pretty valuable take-aways that should and will give you the results you’re looking for as an author.

I don’t want you to read this and think that I’m anti social media when it comes to marketing. No, not in the least. But the smart and informed authors know that Facebook seems to be constantly changing their algorithms which affects the way your posts are received by the people on your friends list.

With this blog I hoped I showed you that you DON’T have to wait and ride out the ever changing tide of social media. You can actually get out and build your presence, sell books, and establish great working business relationships. All with good ol’ flyers and smart Old Skool Marketing.


This really works if you have a FREE SHORT STORY in a downloadable pdf format to give to your target market… (if you don’t know how to create one we’d love to help, just CLICK HERE)

Pass out flyers with your link to your freebie at bus stations, train stations, airports, public transportation, anywhere you can think of where a person will be traveling for an extended period of time.


Because after a while even social media gets BORING and your freebie can be the perfect escape. And if you are stuck on engaging your target market in this type of setting, no worries. I provided a simple, but effective script to follow…

Hello I’m Author______________________________________ (fill in your name) and it looks like you are about to do a little traveling. Well I have something for you during your ride. It’s my FREE eBook ________________________________________ (title of your book goes here) that you can download to your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Yep, that simple!

And if you’re thinking how GIVING AWAY a free eBook helps you as an author this is how. Your eBook (if properly connected) is attached to an email service provider which will capture that persons email that will allow you to market your paid books directly to them WITHOUT social media.

A direct connection between you and your reader… WOW!

Like I said old skool marketing rocks and using flyers the right way is highly effective.

My only question to you is what are you waiting on to get started?


At What Expense Is Being A Bestselling Author Worth?

I’m a bestselling author, you’re a bestselling author, wouldn’t you like to be a bestselling author too? If you fancy yourself any sort of an author, who wouldn’t want to be known as an elite author (well, when actually being a best selling author meant something instead of manipulating Amazon stats)? But at what length would you go to have bestselling author before your name?

I really want you to think about that before you answer, although I can already hear the words yes, hell yeah, and you damn skippy before I finish typing my question. And as an author myself I totally get that and I too want to be a bestselling author, but…

At what cost?

bestselling author





Would you be willing to sacrifice your voice, your vision, and a chance to extend your brand and be an influencer of your own to be a best selling author? Now if your scratching your head and wondering just how being a bestselling author could cost you something so dear to an author’s heart that should be the cornerstones to their legacy, stop scratching and keep reading.

Maybe I’m late to the ‘be a bestselling author party’, but an emerging trend has surfaced in the publishing industry where you can actually be featured in a prominent author’s book (for a sizable fee of course) and they in turn will guarantee you being a bestselling author. Sounds like a win-win situation, but all wins aren’t equal if you can gain the instant gratification of being a bestselling author now and haven’t leveraged the unearned title for later use. Sounds like ‘EASY’ to me, and if you follow my blog you already know I’m not a fan of easy.

As I get more pointed with this issue and as you may label me hating at how one does business; let’s delve a little deeper in hopes that ALL PARTIES involved benefit EQUALLY.

As of this blog Nikki Woods, Brian Tracy, Jai Stone and countless other high profile authors, gurus, and influencers offer this service in some degree or another. Let me be very clear, I am not saying what is being offered  by them is wrong. It’s actually great business, but is it great business for the authors who are blinded by the glaring lights of becoming a bestselling author? That’s the heavy footed elephant in the room that needs to be addressed.

bestselling authorBestselling author








Nikki Woods offers her Page One To Done author program where you’ll get:

  • Monthly 90 minutes call training & updates Nikki Woods personally
  • Weekly action steps you can take to ensure progressing
  • Live interaction with Nikki in the private Facebook group
  • Access to some of Nikki’s GUEST EXPERTS
  • Daily accountability check ins

Clearly there is a redeemable value in Nikki Wood’s Page One To Done program with many actionable takeaways that would enhance any author’s knowledge, but let’s fast forward and see how all of your hard work cultivates into the finished product.

I actually own a copy of Shift and thought the stories were inspiring and showed great depth in making the connection with the reader. But something gnawed at me like an unfocused  picture that asks you to find what’s wrong with it. What was bothering me was my curiousity as to how each contributing author could leverage being a bestselling author when ONLY Nikki Woods name appears on the cover? Going a bit further, if you head over to Amazon to purchase the book Shift and look where it says ‘author by’, it says (drumroll please) Nikki Woods.

Ok I’m far from the smartest apple in the bunch or the sharpest knife in the drawer, but if the book Shift did reach Amazon’s best seller status and Nikki Woods name is the only name who is the credited author, then who really is acknowledged as best selling author?

If you’re asking why is it important to have your name on the cover and to be credited properly when you’re a co-author; it’s simple, MARKETABILITY. It’s easy to leverage being a bestselling author into speaking engagements and book signings when your name appears on the cover and a person can search you out as being a best selling author instead of just appearing in an anthology.

Looking at James Patterson who thought high enough of authors Howard Roughan and Michael Ledwidge to work with them, speaks immeasurable volumes about their credibility. Now who and the hell are Howard Roughan and Michael Ledwidge?  Never mind; their book covers says it all.

bestselling author

bestselling author








 Jai Stone, The Emotional Nudist, (love that title by  the way) book collaboration project is called Her Chronicles; Stories of Faith, Fear and Fortitude. And like Nikki Woods she offers a host of great services to authors who’d like to grow their brand and extend their reach.

best selling authorbookImage









Let’s take a few things that YOU will get once you sign up for Her Chronicles

25 copies of your book to gift to friends & family OR sell them (at $20 ea. you could make $500!)

100 Bookmarks included

Customized electronic promo cards that you can use to pre-sell your book at events before your book release date

And so much more…

Now let’s take a look at the cost of being a part of the Her Chronicles book collaboration project, but before I do let me quote Jai Stone on operating out of a place of INTEGRITY…

“I pride myself on operating from a place of integrity and standards. The costs represented here are the first and final costs represented to the best of my knowledge.  I promise to always be transparent with you about any additional costs and always try to leverage relationships that will create a win-win for everyone! One of the BEST benefits about a project like this is that we are splitting the costs. If you produced a project like this alone it would cost you roughly $8500. If you don’t believe me, see the cost break down below.”


best selling author








But fret not, because total cost for this book collaboration project is only…$2295. That’s over $6000 in savings. Hmmmmmm…

Like I said earlier I’m NOT the brightest apple hanging in the Garden of Eden, but on an investment of almost $2300 I can make a whopping return of $500 because I get 25 books that I can sell for $25 a piece. Get the (fill in your bad curse word) outta here!

Bringing just one thing to your attention from Jai’s project costs chart, she said an ISBN and a barcode costs $250, when in fact if purchased from Bowker the total cost for an ISBN and a barcode is just $150; that’s a $100 mark up. Makes you wonder what else has been inflated to reach total fees of $8550?

I know this blog will strike a nerve in quite a few folk and that’s ok. Hopefully I strike enough nerves in authors considering participating in these kinds of collaborations to ask the right, TOUGH questions. People will read this blog and think I’m taking shots at how Jai Stone, Nikki Woods, and Brian Tracy conduct business. I’m not. What I AM doing is helping authors not be blinded by the allure of being a best selling author only to end up a voice of many in an HIGH PRICED anthology.



Authors, Easy is Never in The Formula For Success

Authors if you think the life of a scribe is an easy one, please think again. Contrary to many others in the publishing industry I do feel that writing a book is as EASY as writing a paragraph. I plan on putting my theory to the test in another blog, but that’s for another day (coming very soon by the way). And for me that’s where the easiness stops and the commitment, the grind; whatever you chose to call your animal of dedication begins.

The pitfall of many new and 1st time authors is listening to the claims of becoming a bestselling author in just a few easy steps by the latest bestselling guru or how this guru’s proven formula is so easy even YOU can use it. Just replace YOU with a cute monkey if you have grabbed your wallet and whipped out your debit card and purchased that no fail system that oozes easiness because you my friend have fallen for the banana in the tail pipe.

easy cute monkey






I’m not saying all systems and formulas are meant to take advantage of new and first time authors, hell in a few months I will be launching my very own eCourse aimed at …you guessed it, new and 1st time authors, but I will not be making any claims of easy this and fail proof that. Just proven and effective methods that allows new and 1st time authors not only to compete in the Uber competitive publishing industry, but to thrive.

What’s even worse than being leery of the experts and the gurus and the way they talk of the publishing process being easy? When a first time author launches their first book and success comes easier than they could ever imagine. So how could that be considered a bad thing you have to ask?

If you’re that author who failed to do the same things you did when your first book was launched, than you can all but expect nothing but an epic failure to follow.

I stated earlier that in just a few months I’ll be launching an eCourse designed for 1st time and new authors to be competitive in today’s publishing industry, but today I’m going to share a two principles from that eCourse on how NOT to let early and easy success undermine being successful in the long-term.








In 2010 I self published and released my first book The Ugly Side of Sex and I could do NO wrong marketing wise. From the beauty and barber shops, to online, then onto flea markets, and finally I made it to the shelves of a Borders book store. I stood in front of the above picture you see above and couldn’t stop thinking I made it, I finally made it.

All my efforts paid off; from passing out flyers, to blogging, cultivating meaningful relationship in the publishing industry, doing regular radio and blog radio, landing a magazine interview, getting great write ups and even greater reviews. I was on cloud nine and this was only my first book and I thought if every publishing process I started would net end results like this then let me get started on my next book.

shruken boy








I did. I can honestly say to this day that A Boy & His Joyless Smile is some of my BEST writing to date and yet I was met with the deafening noise of crickets…. Not the barley chirping crickets; I’m talking crickets on steroids washed down with a couple of bottles of 5hr Energy crickets.

So what happened?

Did I pass out flyers for A Boy & His Joyless Smile like I littered the streets with flyers when it came to The Ugly Side of Sex? Not exactly. Did I stop by and show love to all the barber shops and beauty salons that always welcomed me in when I was a young and hungry author? No, but I wished I did though. Did I at least maintain relationships with all the bloggers, blog talk radio shows, magazines, and everyone that brought my 1st book? Well see, what had happen was…

Let me tell you what happened; EASY HAPPENED. Just because my first book was accepted so readily, I believed that everything I would write and release would be met with the same fanfare. That kind of thinking is what kills the literary careers of most new authors and definitely had mine on life support.

So the first principal I want to share with you is that you have to maintain consistent marketing efforts with each book project and not arrogantly think you’ve made it based off of your previous work.  Janet Jackson did sing ‘what have you done for me lately’ for a reason you know.

And from the titles of those two book; The Ugly Side of Sex and A Boy & His Joyless Smile, can you guess what else I did wrong? Sure take your time (took me forever to figure it out)…


Ok time’s up. What I did drastically wrong was genre hopping. I jumped from erotica, The Ugly Side Of Sex to a coming of age story with A Boy & His Joyless Smile. I mean who did I think I was James Patterson and I had a following that loved my writing regardless of what I wrote? Ninja please, I was an unknown author writing like  I knew my small, but growing following at the time would still keep pace.

Curse you ‘EASY’ and your false securities of effortlessness; luckily I followed up The Ugly Side of Sex with Dirty Secrets of Clean Sheets and Bad Kenny 1st Story to keep my fans of erotica happy. Does this mean an author shouldn’t write in other genres? Of course not. It just means no matter the genre make sure you have clearly identified your target market which is my second principal I want to share with you.

You’re an author and if you’re a good one, the writing ideas that keep you up at night won’t confine you to one specific genre and that’s fine. Writing is about expression and growth right? So when that urge strikes for you to write that Sci-fi Paranormal thriller just make sure you take the time to properly research your target market and keep in mind that the readers that may have supported you in other genres may not be up to following you into something new and that’s ok. Just make sure you don’t forget about them as you embark on your new writing journey. Remember even no matter what James Patterson writes about he always comes back to his Alex Cross series.

So as a new or first time author what are some of the challenges are you facing? Are your book sales lagging? Not sure how to properly identify your target market? Or do you just find it hard to keep the momentum going with your marketing efforts? Whatever obstacles you are facing with your book project(s) I want to help you not only overcome them, but flat out CRUSH THEM.

And I can help you do that just by you leaving exactly what’s stopping you from being the author you see yourself as with your comments and or questions below in the comment section and I promise to answer each and every one.

Thank you for taking the time in reading my blog and if you felt it helped you in any way then please feel free to share it across your social media platform as well. Thanks.





No time to write a book? Not even 3 pages a day? Then you don’t wanna write…

When people find out that you’re an author and that you have a few books under your belt, the first thing they say is they always wanted to write a book , but they just don’t have the time. Honestly I hear this more than I care to.

People say that like most authors don’t have the same life issues that every day people who don’t write. Most authors have jobs with time consuming commutes. Families who don’t understand the purpose of a writing cave and the peace it takes to get into a writing zone.


3 pages

If you’re still thinking that there isn’t enough time in the day, I say you just need to manage you’re time better because everyone has the exact same 24 hours in a day. My seconds, minutes , and hours aren’t different or longer than yours. Yet with a full time job that includes a roundtrip commute of an hour and a half, a family that loves me, but refuses to understand the concept that these books don’t write themselves, but yet I still found the time to write two full length books, two eBooks, two informative marketing pdf guides, and a growing blog. I also own and operate En El Publishing and En El Publishing Services.

So what you were saying about not having enough time again?

Before you think I have it all figured out; I DON’T, I’m still figuring it out. But I too, was quick to say I didn’t have the time to write my book, but I had time for my Lakers and I couldn’t miss my Bronco’s. I watched the WWE faithfully, I loved 24 so much that I was contemplating getting a dog just to name him Jack Bauer, and HBO’s The Newsroom had become the real news to me. I had time for everything I wanted to do, but couldn’t make time for what I NEEDED to do. That was until I made me writing my book a need and stopped wanting to write my book. Television Production Concept. Tv Movie Panels

So if you’re serious about getting that book out of you and onto some pages, the first thing you have to do is stop wanting to write your book and start needing to write your book. Need to write your book like you need to earn a living. Need to write your book like you need to eat. Need to write your book like you need to love. And if you’re wondering if it’s that serious, YES, it’s that serious. Because if you don’t take it that serious you will never get it done.

The second thing you need to do if you’re serious about writing your book is the actual writing part. You can want to do something, you can need to do something, but until you ACTUALLY do it, all you have are thoughts of doing it.

And I know you have a busy life and that you are tired at the end of the day. And when you finally get a moment to relax the last thing on your mind is to sit in front of your computer and finally get started writing, but what if I told you that I could help you, help yourself in finding the time not only in getting your book started, but seeing it through until completion?

I don’t want you reading this blog, getting all amped up to write your book without a way of getting it done. So watch the short video below, the message is simple, but if you’re honest with yourself you will see how you really have more than enough time to do what’s important to you.

You see how just by stop using your smart phone for everything else but being productive, you will have more than enough time in finally writing that book you once claimed you didn’t have time for. And now since you have more time in your day here’s the third thing you need to do when it comes to writing your book. WRITE JUST 3 PAGES A DAY!!! No more, no less. If you write 3 pages a day, for 60 days without missing a day, you will have written 180 pages. You will have written a full length book.

So do yourself a much needed favor and stop saying you don’t have time to write a book and do the three things I spoke of in this blog:

  1. Stop wanting to write your book and start NEEDING to write your book (know the difference)
  2. Actually write your book (the word ‘write’ is a verb and we know that most verbs are action words, so take ACTION)
  3. Write 3 pages a day, EVERYDAY (without fail)
 I love hearing from my readers so please feel free to leave me a comment below and let me know what’s stopping you from finally siting down and writing your book. And if you haven’t signed up to follow my blog already just do so at the top right side of the page and feel free to share this blog’s link via social media.